Context menu on Root Container

If I click on a page root container, I get the following context menu:
Any idea on how to get rid of that?

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Add a click event handler, and specify that it should Prevent Default:

Hi PGriffith, thanks for your answer. I forgot to tell you that I’m using Vision and not Perspective (the page you pointed to is speaking about Perspective, as far as I understand).
Maybe the solution is just the same, isn’t it?

Thanks, regards

Ah, yeah, it’s going to be different for Vision. That said - you’re getting this context menu in the client session? If so, it looks like it’s being specifically added by a script somewhere. Start with mouse event handlers -

I don’t speak Italian, but from google translate it looks like a set of standard controls; you could try looking through the project (Ctrl + F) for calls to system.gui.createPopupMenu - there might be a common project script being called on popup menus to add that handler.

If I create just a blank new page with no mouse event handler and I click the Root Container with the right mouse button I get that popup menu: I don’t think I have a hidden mouse event handler anywhere calling system.gui.createPopupMenu.

This bug is still present in Vision v8.1.7:

When you create a new empty Main Window and run it (F10) the right-click menu is there…
I don’t want it, I didn’t configure it, so why is there? How to get rid of it?

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I didn’t do my due diligence originally - this is an artifact of the new look and feel. I don’t know how to disable it, but I’m looking into it.

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This won’t be fixed in the next round of LaF changes (landing Soon :tm:) but should be possible to disable in a future release, once we get a build of the LaF that allows it to be toggled.