Continuous Integration - GitHub reusable workflows and Azure DevOps templates, and some other announcements

Hello, Ignition Community.

Although it's been a while since our last post, we've been keeping ourselves busy working on ignition-api as well as its stubs package.

The first part of this post is devoted to code quality for your Jython code, and how you can benefit from using Python 3 tools as seen first here by using our...

Azure Pipeline templates:

and/or GitHub reusable workflows:

For real-world implementations of the latter, which is already being used by all packages under ignition-api, and thecerom/incendium packages, see here: Network Dependents · coatl-dev/workflows · GitHub.

And, yes, you can run this against your Ignition projects. Ref: GitHub - thecesrom/incendium-project: 📦 Package that extends and wraps Ignition scripting API

Second. We continue our Java and Ignition's SDK learning journey by adding more code to the com.inductiveautomation, java, and javax subpackages, but we know that there's a lot we're missing. So if you've got suggestions, feel free to submit a feature request, or if you've found a bug, please submit a bug report on our 8.1 repo issues.

If you've got questions and don't think they're an issue or feature request, you may reach us by any of the following channels:

And last, but not least, GitHub sponsorships are more than welcome.

Thanks for reading!