Continuous non responsive UI error

I had an issue with getting the Nonresponsive UI crash earlier this week and from my previous post it might have been an infinite loop, I removed that component completely but am still receiving a non responsive UI crash very frequently - its only on my client.

The json has changed slightly but I don't know what the issue is, do I have to clear a cache or is the issue lying somewhere unrelated to my infinite loop transform script.

NonResponsiveEdt-2023-11-16_182516.json (48.0 KB)

Perspective doesn't have an EDT. Did you mean to tag this Vision instead?

... But the designer does, and can be blocked by attempts to talk to a broken view in the Perspective chromium sub-process....

Some Vision preexists in some of the projects on this gateway but they don't get touched anymore, nor do I think I've opened Vision projects in my designer. I personally have never developed in Vision so I 'm not sure what's going on - one of the Vision views could be broken?