Control Center Interconecting

Dear Experts,

My company have to prepare proposal for a project that must create a SCADA software in central station while remote stations are control center that built by third part SCADA software like Citec, Zenon and so on… Is Ignition is suitable for this project?

Mohammad Javad

Ignition is a good all-purpose HMI and will probably fit your needs.
However, you haven’t provided much info.

If the data will come straight from PLCs, that should be pretty simple, but if you have to collect data from the other HMIs, you will need to specify to those third party suppliers that they need to serve data to you over some protocol (ModbusTCP, OPC, etc). Depending on the system, that can be tricky.

Very Thanks,

In some stations data come from PLC directly but in other some station data need to collect from other HMI software like CITEC, what is solution in this case?

Typically an SQL database is your common denominator. You would have Citect write to a database table and Ignition read from it - or vice versa. You will have to consider the architecture for other options. For example, if the other legacy HMI has an OPC server, then Ignition could probably access it through the “OPC COM” module.

You should have roughly the same option set as any other scenario where you want 2 different HMI/SCADA packages to interoperate. Obviously, direct PLC connectivity is the simplest to implement. In any case, you need to look at the “big picture”.