Control Logix Bridge to SLC connection issues


Running Ignition 7.6, routing through a control logix chassis:

Ethernet->ENBT: IP=>Slot6: DH/RIO Card->SLC 5/04 at node 21

I have an OPC-UA Device (Allen Bradley SLC) pointed to with communication path:


I have added ~15 tags that reference both int values and I/O bools in the SLC.

The int tags work just fine, but the boolean tags that point to the input bits fault out in a blinking manner. Half the time the tags work, and are the appropriate value for the physical I/O, but half the time they are bad quality. The blink cycle also seems to be tied to the scan rate: If I increase the scan rate slow time, they blink slower.

When I first set up this device driver, I didn’t see this problem. But then I deleted the driver, and had to re-enter it. Now the tags constantly blink.

Increasing timeout in device settings on gateway doesn’t help anything does it? This is the only thing I can imagine might have changed from your old device settings to the recreated ones, though it seems unlikely it would affect only the bits if this was the issue.

I’ve run into this before w/ SLC(and Micros)

Per you may want to remap the input bits to Bs instead.

Good to know about I/O points. I’ve worked with a similar setup as far as connection goes (SLC 5/04s via ControlLogix bridge), but we always map I/O points to N or B files which may be why we haven’t seen this behaviour.

Thank you Dravik, I read the post, and I will take that advice.