Control Logix ethernet path

Hello I have a two PLC’s I will call them PLC1 and PLC2. PLC 1 is on our Plantwide network but PLC2 is not.
PLC2 is hooked up to a separate card that is in Slot 15 off of PLC1. I need to come up with a path for the UPC-UA Device.

PLC1 Address is ENBT Allen Bradly card
PLC2 address is ENBT Allen Bradley card

The Hostname path I am trying to write is,1,15,2,,2,1,0 first Ethernet address to browse
15=Ethernet card slot number on plc1
2=port# of PLC2 Ethernet card
2= Port#
1 =backplane
0=cpu slot #

I have tried different port #s as well. but have not found much info on this.

Put the first IP address in the hostname field. Then the rest of the path, but omit the 2nd “Port#=2”. Like so:


CIP Port segments are always pairs of port number then address. An even number of items in path.

Thank you for the info. I had tried your path but did not put the information in the right place. as a pretty New user of ignition I tried to put the whole address and path in the host name. once I separated it out it worked fine. thank You for the Help.