Control Techniques Drives?

Has anyone had any success connecting to a CT Drive and pull values? I have tried the Advanced Modbus Module (thinking I needed this because of 32 bit register values), and the standard Ignition Modbus TCP driver. I can connect to the drive with their software, but am unable to pull any values in the designer. An example parameter address is "00.003" - which would be Menu 00.

Any help would be appreciated!

Links to manuals?

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We have had success connecting to CT drives using Ignition's Modbus TCP driver. Take a look at this video,

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Works just as the Ignition manual suggests it should (with the standard driver) but there's a trick. When configuring the address, disregard the first digit after the decimal. For example, reading the "Drive Load" value from parameter #04.020, address it as if it were #04.20. Modbus register 40420.


Thank you for the tip! Got it to work.

For a CT M702 for example:

Menu 05: Motor Control Parameter 05.007-Rated Current = "[OPCDEVICE]HR507"

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