Control the size and location of windowed vision client primary desktop

Hi All,

I am wondering how to manipulate both the size and the location of a windowed vision client. This client will be opened on a 4K display and I would like it to occupy the upper right corner of the display. This is easily done with additional desktops using the sys.gui.openDesktop but in this case I just have the one which is the primary desktop. I am unsure if I can do something to do this in a client startup script or if I can do it by passing JVM arguments in the client launcher. Any information is appreciated.



Adding something like this in the client startup script where "PathToWindow" is the desired window should work:

from javax.swing import JFrame

# Size and position windowed vision client primary desktop to top right quadrant of 4K display.
desktop = system.nav.openWindow("PathToWindow")
while not isinstance(desktop, JFrame):
	desktop = desktop.getParent()

This throws an error JFrame is not defined.

The code above is now edited to include necessary import.