Control with DNP driver Ignition perspective


I have a question about the DNP3.0 prtocol control using the Ignition driver. I have a Front-End and IO server. On the IO server I place connections and drivers. However, the control is done using the function assigned in the Front-End interface. To execute the control, I need to define the device name:

system.dnp3.directOperateBinary(deviceName, indexes, opType, tcCode, count, onTime, offTime)

However, Foronetend does not see this device. How to define it in a way that references the Remote Gateway where the urn is added. Is there any other way?

Michal Goralczyk

system.util.sendMessage can send messages to other gateways. You would need to set up a message handler in the IO gateway that uses the scripting function, and then use sendMessage from the front end.