Controller replacement - keep history

I’m getting ready to replace a controller on a piece of equipment, and I’m trying to figure out how to retain/reconnect the history recorded from the old controller to the history that will be recorded with the new controller.

My old controller is a Honeywell controller, communicating over a serial to ethernet modbus gateway. My new controller is a PLC based controller that will be communicating directly over ethernet using modbus. I have a UDT for the Honeywell controller, and I’m planning on making a new UDT for the PLC. Because the equipment will be doing the same thing, the UDTs will have the same structure. For example, a tag path with history being recorded right now is Draws/Furnace4/Temperature. My tag path with the new UDT will be the exact same thing (I will be removing the old UDT instance).

I haven’t replaced controllers like this yet. Does the tag history function work simply based on the tag path? Will everything just start working if I delete the old UDT instance and replace it with a new UDT instance of a different type at the same path? Or, can I just change the existing UDT instance type in place? What’s the best practice for a situation like this?