Controlling size and zoom in report printing via executeAndDistribute


is there any way to control the output size (width/height) and or scaling factor when using with a print action ?

I found this old thread

Reporting Module 7.8.0: some questions on printing

that indicates the contrary, but it seems like it would be a useful feature.

If there is no way to do it today, is there any plan to add the feature in a future release ?

Also, I tried adding a “roll” parameter of 270 on the main report page which rotates my report by -90 degrees in the designer as expected. But when displaying in a perspective reportviewer or when executing the report to generate a PNG for instance, the generated view is not rotated. Can someone understand/explain why ?



That is still not an option for the function If you take a look at the user manual for the function, you can see that the closest option under actionSettings is pageOrientation, nothing for size.

If you’d like to submit a feature request, feel free to do so on the Ignition Features and Ideas page.