Controllogic Connection Path

I am trying to figure out the correct connection path for a Controllogix(L71) PLC Version 24. Any Ideas?

You’ll have to give us way more information. Is it a direct connection? In the same rack as the ENET card? in another rack?

I am not for sure what you mean by direct connection. The processor is in the same rack. One rack only

Make sure you’re using the newer Logix driver, not the “Legacy CompactLogix” or “Legacy ControlLogix” driver.

You don’t need to set the connection path property, just set the slot number to whatever slot in the rack the processor is in.

I have it set to the right driver. The processor is in slot 0 and I have the path set to slot 0. But none of the tags work

Show your settings page.

What do you mean they don’t work? Can you browse but when you bring them in they have bad quality? Or are you manually addressing the tags / using them as part of a UDT?

Yes, Bad quality on all tags