Controllogix BOOL tag appears as folder in OPC browser

Version: Ignition 7.6.4

I added half a dozen boolean tags today to a Controllogix PLC which I’ve had successfully connected to Ignition for nearly 2 years. I’m browsing around 16600 tags and actively using maybe 100-200 in various Ignition applications. Three of the new tags show up in the OPC browser as tags, 3 show up as folders.

I deleted the folder-looking tags from the PLC, did a browse refresh to make sure they disappeared, then added them back as the same names (EQ4_CIP_COMPLETE, EQ4_CIP_START, EQ4_FP) and did another browse refresh. No luck- they still show up as folders and there are no errors or anomalies in console that suggest any kind of problem with the browse or PLC itself.

I tried the same process using different tag names (EQ4_CIP_COMPLETED, EQ4_CIP_STARTED, EQ4_CIP_FP) and the first successfully shows up as a tag, the latter two as folders.


If you’re still waiting for an answer to this in 2015 I applaud you. This is for anyone else. I see this frequently on a project with 7.6.6. I can’t say it’s version related as it’s the only version I’ve used. I can tell you that for me, restarting the gateway fixes it. It only happens when new tags are added to the PLC; often Ignition won’t even see new tags. I’d just figured it was a ControlLogix driver issue. Topology is fiber-based LAN with media converters at each node.