ControlLogix "Browse Pending" Issues on Server Reboot

We are having some issues with some OPC-UA data collectors getting permanently “stuck” at “Connected” state with “Browse Pending” status and no data available to clients. Please see attached screenshots with more information from console. This is a persistent issue plaguing us and we cannot figure out how to get all devices to come back up after server reboots, as this is when they hit this state and freeze up. The console information in the screenshot is what I get when I click “Refresh” on the device status page in the screenshot

Files here, didn’t like BMP

Please take a look at the “ML05” topic which is the one I am referring to in the atatched screenshots.

Take a look at this forum thread and see if this helps


Please upgrade to the latest 7.4 or 7.5 (depending on what version you have installed) beta version of the Allen-Bradley Drivers module.

I made a fix recently that fixed an occasional handing browse issue.