ControlLogix Connection Path via 2 ENBTs

Looking for help on establishing a connection path to a L61 controller thru ENBT gateways.
I have already connected to a PLC5 via DHRIO in slot 0 so I know I am close but cannot get to the L61.

Here's is what I have so far that (that is not working)

Try 1,2,3,,1,0 or 1,2,4,,1,0

In my new driver it would be slot 2 port 3 slot 0 or slot 2 port 4 slot 0 fwiw.

Your screenshot highlights a node under, not - intentional?

@pturmel I did try both of them but didn't work.
@Kevin.Herron I guess I'm a bit confused here. is the IP of the 2nd ENBT card (slot 2)
Then when browsing under that card, the controller is under (slot 0)

I highlighted the L61 controller I'm trying to get the tags. Thanks for the help!

Whoops! Right. Where I showed, use No reference to the first ENBT's address is required. You are reaching it by its slot address, not its IP address.

tried both these but didn't work:

did another picture as it's still fuzzy on the comms path.
First hits, then go to the 2nd ENBT card (, then goes to which the L61 resides

this is what the drive looks like now but not connecting -- trying both 1,2,3 and 1,2,4 to start

got it working!
Final answer: 1,2,2,,1,0
with the host name

Well, I guessed wrong that port A would have #3 or #4. I just looked it up in the EDS file, and it is port #2. {Backplanes are always port #1.}

So: 1,2,2,,1,0

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Yes, thank you!!