ControlLogix OPC-UA Driver

So far it appears that the driver supports the CLX and user-defined tags fairly well. I do seem to have noticed that it does not handle the string data type. If it does handle it, is there any notes on how to use the string data type properly?

Also, is there a list somewhere of the supported/unsupported features of the ControlLogix and any comments on things that affect driver performance?

I do not know if it matters, but I am using it with a 1769-L23-QB1 (the ControlLogix “brick”) with V17 firmware.



Strings are supported. In the ControlLogix the STRING data type maximum length is 82 characters long. Other string data types can be created that contain more than 82 characters.

In Ignition, if the maximum length of the string data type is less than 401 characters, it will create a member named “STRING” that can be read from or written to. If the max length is 401 or over, the “STRING” member is not created and data must be accessed as an array in the “DATA” member.

I have not tested this with the CompactLogix and the problem you describe may be a difference between the two. I’ll be testing the CompactLogix this week.