ControlLogix PLC tags not showing up in OPC browser

For some reason Ignition(8.1.23) OPC browser was not subscribing to all the tags in my PLC (Controllogix 1756-L83ES, fw 32.12). I imported a few routines with the controller online, and for some reason the new tags were not being subscribed to from the OPC browser. I know those tags should show up, as I had other PLC's where this worked
After a lot of troubleshooting, I finally managed to get them to subscribe by forcing a download on the PLC, I didn't change anything at all. Just forcing a download for some reason, seems to be more reliable in subscribing to all tags

Sounds similar to a known issue that, as far as we're aware, is a firmware bug.

I think you can also do an online edit of an existing UDT (add/remove a member), or add a new UDT, to get it to refresh.

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