ControlLogix String type

I am using a string type of a controllogix to exchange the date and in my transaction the tag link to the string tag is showing two time the value separate by a comma
ex : my value in my clx is 2011-10-27 10:41:53
but my ignition transaction show 2011-10-27 10:41:53, 2011-10-27 10:41:51
the last value is the previous value.

How can I fix this?



Where exactly are you seeing this? In the “value” column of a transaction group? In a SQLTag? If you go to the quick client in the gateway (log in to configure and select it from the menu on the left), and browse to the tag, and select “read” (the “r” link), what does the result show? Does it show two dates there, or is it correct?



In the value of a transaction group.
Rigth now to fix this I use an expression LEFT(tag,19)
But I think it should be equal to what the plc is giving.


Did you look in the quick client? I’m trying to figure out if the value is being doubled in the driver/opc server, or in the group.


Sorry for the delay but when I have the double date the value in my transaction and in the quick client is the same. Look at the quick client png the len is suppost to be 19 but the string is longer?

 See attach file.


I put a date in a String-type tag in a ControlLogix PLC and read the tag thru Ignition as a String. So far, I can’t replicate this behavior in 7.3.2. Some questions:
Which Ignition version is this occurring in?
What system is placing the date string in that field? Is it a ladder program in the PLC, or a script in Ignition?

The setup is a ControlLogix 1756-L61 and I write the datetime to a String program tag in ladder.
I was using the version 7.2.7 of Ignition but I just upgrade because I had issue with the ControLogix OPC-UA drive freezing on me and Support suggest me to move to 7.2.9.
I’ll check if 7.2.9 create this problem.