ControlLogix UDT to Data Type Structure Array

Hi, I am creating an Ignition Data Type Structure based on a ControlLogix UDT. The UDT contains some arrays. I’m just trying to get the REAL array to work for now. Please see attached images. I am getting a Config Error in my Quality field. Am I doing this correctly or is this not supported in Ignition? I have tried changing the Source Data Type to Double Array but it does not seem to make a difference.

You’ll need to make a folder with 20 tags underneath it in your UDT.

The OPC server exposes arrays as a folder with tags underneath, so the array tag type in Ignition won’t work.

I usually drag a plc UDT from the OPC browser into the ignition tag list and then right click on it and Create DataType from selected. All my arrays and counters and whatever else are then exactly setup as per the UDT in logix.

Exactly what that button is for :thumb_left:

Okay, thanks for the tip. I’m new to Ignition and I know I’m doing a lot of things “the hard way” so these time saving tips are always appreciated.