Controllogix User defined type - Data Write Error

We are having trouble getting Ignition to write to User Defined Data type instances in Controllogix. Everytime we write to a Clx user defined type tag, we get an unknown error.

All other writes to the standard data types and AOI instances seem to work without a problem. This only appears to apply to User defined data types.

I have tried dragging the tag from the OPC Browser to tags to create the tag. I have tried changing the scan rate. I have tried adjusting the timeout settings in the device driver.

Any ideas?

Edit: in the Console, I’m getting

[[default]B1/ESTOP] Error writing to OPC address [[Ignition OPC-UA Server]ns=1;s=[PLC]Global.B1.ESTOP]. Result code: [Bad] Bad; unspecified.

In wireshark the CIP info is:
Embedded service error, Path segment error

Can you tell me what version of Ignition you’re using, which driver you’re using (there’s two Logix drivers, one for firmware v20 and prior, one for firmware v21+), and what model ControlLogix and firmware version?

Given the tagpath in your error message, it looks like you’re using the older driver, which is fine if the firmware version on the PLC is 20 or lower.

This is n L71S v20.12 and yes I am using the v20 driver

Could you export the UDT in question and then send that plus the wireshark capture you took into support?

You may need to make sure the “External Access” attribute for all the tags you are trying to access is set to Read or ReadWrite. In the export you sent me the tag we’re looking as is currently set to None.