Contrologix/Compactlogix Device Tag Browsing Offline

Would be handy to have inginition query the RSlogix5000 *.ACD file for PLC tags.
An option would be browse ONLINE tags (connected to PLC) or OFFLINE tags (from *.ACD file) from the OPC tag browser, then drag those tags into the SQLtags folder.

This is a feature within the FactoryTalk Studio environment
During project development, an online PLC is not always available.


Yes, this idea has come up in some form or another several times- including internally when we were first developing the driver. We definitely agree that it would be useful, and hope to get it in at some point.


I haven’t seen this functionality yet. Is this still in the works or is it there and I just can’t find it?


It’s not implemented or in the works currently.

darn…I was hoping to see that this has been updated.

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