Contrologix Connection: - OPC server or Ignition Driver

My first post here so please bear with me.
I am in a bit of a quandry at present as to the best way to communicate with a Contrologix PLC.
We currently run Topserver as a opc server, communicating with a number of Omron and Siemens PLC’s. We are currently upgrading a PLC5 system to a Contrologix and implemeting Ignition as the SCADA.
Due to the communication limitations of the plc (500 bytes per packet from what I recall) from a performance point of view, is it more beneficial to talk to Ignition via Topserver or use the native driver within Ignition?

Many Thanks

Well, the native driver feeds into Ignitions OPC-UA server which is what is actually consumed by the SCADA system.

I guess it comes down to this: are you running TOP Server as Ignition’s OPC-UA server? If you are, then TOP Server is the best route, if you are reading TOP Server with OPC-DA then use Ignition’s native driver and OPC-UA server for the Contrologix.

The 500 bytes you’re talking about is a limitation of the protocol used to communicate with CLX PLCs, not something specific to TOPserver or Ignition’s CLX driver. Both TOPserver and Ignition almost certainly use the same protocol, so there’s not really any benefit to switching away from something that already works.