Contrologix V28

Was burned today on a job site where customer upgraded all their contrologix PLCs to V27 & the new 1756-L85E V28.

The Logix Driver does not support V28. There is a beta version of the driver, so be aware if anyone uses the L8x series. Had to have tech support email me the beta Logix 21 driver module

Also if you upgrade Logix from V20 to V21+, all the SQLTags need to be reworked. Global scope tags in the V20 driver were [PLC]Global.TagName , in the V21+ driver Global tags are [PLC]TagName

Did the beta logix 21+ driver work with the L85E CPU running V28?

yes it did it did work

This post is ~15 months old, you no longer need a beta driver module. (just a relatively recent version…)

Yes, just received a response indicating that I don’t need a beta version.

I am using the Edge version running on an ARM and I am getting bad quality from V29. So it may be a similar problem.

The problem was with my Edge licensing. The old driver was licensed but the new Logix driver was not.