Just stumbled across … looks to be a StackExchange site directed at controls systems …

[quote]This site is for you if:

* You need to have proprietary software and matching firmware to program what you are working on, and sometimes desperately,
* You have ever programmed a PLC with a laptop on your knee, with your head inside an air conditioned electrical panel, just to get out of the mid-summer sweltering plant heat,
* You have ever spent hours chasing encoder noise faults, grounding and re-grounding, and re-routing cabling,
* You have ever taught a robot to pick, place, weld, paint, de-mould, spray, throw, take a picture or putt a golf ball,
* You have ever made offline changes to a program and downloaded it, without uploading and making a backup, and now the machine won’t run,
* You have ever plugged into a data higway network, taking down the master controller on the network,
* You have ever added a blank HMI screen to an application, just to screw with someone


Love the last bullet. Have to try that sometime. :laughing:

Very cool. I love that format- when we made the new site, we actually toyed with the idea of dropping the forum and going to that style. We didn’t, though, because while great for tech questions/answers, it’s a bit rough for general discussion.

Anyhow, thanks for the post!