Convert 7.9 Gateway Project to 8.0 Edge Project

I would like to convert a Full Ignition gateway project to an Edge Project. Reasoning behind this is that we can use the full license in another application and utilize the edge in one application.

I have Imported my Gateway project into Edge Designer. All my screens look good but I have no tags.
In Designer, In Tag Browser My “Tags” Folder shows ERROR.

I have looked in Edge to change the default tag provider but i cannot locate.
Can you provide any help please?

Thank you to anyone who has experienced this before.

Among its other restrictions, Edge gets a single tag provider that you can’t rename or remove named “edge”.

One fixed project, one fixed tag provider, no gateway scripting, etc…

Are you sure the project you’re trying to move can run on Edge?

Well to be honest, I don’t know. According to tech support, I should be able to convert it like I stated and only have to check some scripting and what not. That was per their instruction.

How could I tell if my project were compatible with edge other than trying like I have?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I am fairly new to this and have worked with Wonder Ware previously.

Thank you for jumping in and helping me.

I think you’ll just have to keep working on getting it imported and see what works and what doesn’t.

That being said… I don’t really know how to go about converting a regular gateway and project into something that can be imported into Edge. It might be easiest to (either on a copy or make sure you have a backup first) try renaming your one project and tag provider to be the same names Edge expects and then export a gwbk and import it into Edge.

Kevin, I was just wondering if I could name the default tag provider in my original project to Edge so it might satisfy the requirement.

I will try it and let you know how it comes out.

Thanks a million…

I changed my Real Time Tag Provider from Default to Edge and created a .gwbk file.
Unfortunately, the file has to be a project file to import.

That may be a bit more difficult without risk of breaking something.

Any thoughts if I modify my gateway tag provider, what to try next?

What parts are you really concerned with getting into Edge? You should be able to easily import the tags and the project’s resources into the Designer. There’s no Gateway scripting in Edge, so that’s not an issue. Anything else?

I see in your first post you said you imported your project but had no tags. The tags would be a separate import (I recommend the xml format) – did you try that?

Hi Kathy,
I changed my default tag provider in my gateway to “Edge” and saved my project in Designer. I then exported and imported into Edge Designer. Now I have a path for my tags instead of an error and I can root down to them.

All the folders that were imported have a prefix “Programs:” in from of the folder and the tags aren’t recognized.

Each time I try something I get a little closer.

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Hello to everyone that helped my with my conversion. It appears that I was doing everything correctly but there was a “Space” in one of my names that wasn’t in the other. Tricky thing was that they looked the same until I viewed them in the OPC Path. Then it was evident.
Thanks for all the help…

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