Convert a string value tag into dateTime

I have a string value ‘20211228064508000’ in a tag . i want to convert into current date format. I tried to change the data type of tag to Datetime but it didn’t work. Anybody have any solution?

What does it represent ? Is it 2021 12 28 064508000 ?

Expressions might help you convert it to what you want:

edit: Actually the proper question would be: Where does the data come from ? How do you get that string ?

I get that string value from a XML file which is generated by a system . i need to convert this string into datetime format. I tried all the expression but it didn’t work.

Can you tell us more about its format ? Is it 2021 12 28 + time ? should do the trick depending on exactly how the string is to be interpreted.

For instance:

date_string = '20211228064508000'

prints the following:

Tue Dec 28 06:45:08 EST 2021

Note that I’m in the eastern standard time zone and didn’t supply a locale to the function. If you need to convert timezones, you’ll need to provide a local.

Also, I made an assumption about what the substrings meant, if you provide what the expected result of the parsing should be we can provide a more accurate formatString.

That information can all be found at these places: