Convert Dictionary to string array DataType

I have the dictionary (Example below),

{'TS1 dNm': '0.48', 'TC90-TC10': '0.57', 'I-Filter': '6.00', 'TS2 dNm': '0.63', 'T90': '0.94', 'T50': '0.59', 'Test Time': '3.00', 'Torque Range': '8.0', 'T60': '0.66', 'T30': '0.49', 'T40': '0.54', 'T10': '0.38', 'crazy result': '10.27', 'Test Temp': '145.00', 'T25': '0.46', 'Max Rate': '7.05', 'tanD@ML': '0.571', 'MH': '5.80', 'tanD@MH': '0.308', 'ML': '2.24'}

I have to write these values to the tag where I want to interpret it and assign to various tags.

I tried creating the string array type tag and putting these values into it but it would pop up the conversion error.

How do we write this dictionary to tag (which datatype could be used. Perhaps, converting into the list is an option)?

You could use system.util.jsonEncode, as long as you can guarantee that the values in the dictionary are also primitives (numbers, strings, etc).

what about having

":" and "'" and ","  ?

cause these are not primitive values.

I tried with system.util.jsonEncode but it’s giving me the same error.

Note : The data is same as described in question.

If you’re just wanting to make a couple of lists:

dictIn = {'TS1 dNm': '0.48', 'TC90-TC10': '0.57', 'I-Filter': '6.00', 'TS2 dNm': '0.63', 'T90': '0.94', 'T50': '0.59', 'Test Time': '3.00', 'Torque Range': '8.0', 'T60': '0.66', 'T30': '0.49', 'T40': '0.54', 'T10': '0.38', 'crazy result': '10.27', 'Test Temp': '145.00', 'T25': '0.46', 'Max Rate': '7.05', 'tanD@ML': '0.571', 'MH': '5.80', 'tanD@MH': '0.308', 'ML': '2.24'}
keyList = dictIn.keys()
valueList =  [dictIn[key] for key in keyList]


valueList =  dictIn.values()

looks like it would work, I prefer to be certain of the 1:1 parity to the keys. Dictionaries sometimes do screwy things. Usually at unexpected times…