Convert image file into .dwg file

I want to convert image file into .dwg files using python library in Perspective module.
Anybody have an idea?

What kind of “image” file? Vector (SVG, etc.) or bitmap (PNG, BMP, etc.) or JPEG?

File can be in .jpg, jpeg, .png format

That’s a challenging task in any environment. Do you already have a java-compatible library that can do this?

All of these are bitmap format. It makes little sense to create .dwg files of these. The .dwg files will just contain the embedded image file and will not be vector graphics and won’t be editable with a CAD program. Can you clarify whether or not you understand the difference between bitmap and vector files?

What is the point of this exercise?

puedes ayudarme necesito cargar imágenes desde mi ordenador hasta una ventana que estoy realizando quiero poder llamar esto desde una botón

imagen = event.source.parent.getComponent('Image').path

este es un fragmento de mi código espero entiendas mi idea, me siento perdido

@JHON_FLOREZ, you need to ask your own question. Your question is a different topic. Please do not hijack someone else’s question.