Convert Java.Util.Date to datetime.datetime

After querying a SQL database…
resultData = system.db.runPrepQuery(“SELECT StartTime FROM…”)

I use this which sets startTime as a type…
startTime = shiftData[0][“StartTime”]

But I’m needing it to be a datetime.datetime. Is it possible to either access it from the pydataset as a datetime.datetime or to convert the to datetime.datetime?


It’ll be something like adding this:

from time import gmtime


Now for the explanation:

getTime() returns the number of milliseconds since epoch (it’s how Java looks at time).

gmtime() is the Pythonic way of converting seconds (not milliseconds) since epoch and converts it to a datetime structure. Another cool thing is if you use gmtime() without giving a value, it gives the current time. :thumb_right:

The last bit to know is that gmtime() requires the argument to be a float and again, be in seconds, not milliseconds. Hence the float conversion and dividing by 1000

Hope this helps!