Convert Modbus temperature value

Hello Team,

I’m fairly new to IA, so forgive my ignorance.

The current modbus value returns 14520 and according to the manual I need to convert it with (Value/100 – 70). So, what are my options in doing so?

Secondly, the converted value is in Fahrenheit, so how to convert it to Celsius?



Here are a couple of options.

[ul] Option 1: Use two tags.
[list]One OPC Tag to read the raw value, one Expression Tag to do the math. The second tag will use an expression like:code*5/9[/code] This will give your final value in degrees Celsius.[/ul]

Option 2: Use Scaling properties in your OPC tag.
[ul]Since we now have a handy formula, plug in full deflection values (for a 16-bit number, that would be 0 and 65535) to get values of -56.67 and 307.42 that you can plug into the scaling properties. This is found in the Numeric section of the dialog box.[attachment=0]11-6-2013 6-44-01 AM.png[/attachment][/ul][/list:u]

Thank you JordanCClark!!

Works perfectly :slight_smile: :thumb_right: