Convert NI VI

I have written a National Instruments LabView Virutal Instrument. The purpose of the VI is to transpose pixels moved into length. The mouse is fixed and a cable passes by the optical sensor inside a machined track. An event structure examines “mouse move” events and this then reads from the mouse coordinates. If the mouse coordinates are within a certain range on the screen (follows a line) it then writes to a user 32 DLL to move the mouse (back to the bottom of the line) and a shift register accumulates the value.

I am running this inside a VM so I can isolate one usb mouse as in input to the VM (disconnected from host). I need to integrate this with Ignition and AB CPX L32E. I could go down the route of LabView DSC (datalogging and supervisory control module) and OPC servers, but would it be easier to rewrite this code directly in ignition?

I have seen other threads where people are reading from the mouse co-ords. Can they be written to? Can I isolate one usb input so that my standard mouse can be used for navigation as normal?