Convert pipe diagram to SVG symbol


I was wondering if anyone has figured out a good way to convert Pipe diagrams made in Perspective into an SVG symbol that can be used as a type of background to have full control over how the Scaling works etc. with different screen resolutions?

Convert to drawing, a new feature only available to certain components, piping being one of them.


Oh cool! Thanks for this.

Do you know if this also is available in the release build or if its just in the Nightly builds

It's is 8.1.22, not sure when it was actually released

Edit, looks like it was released in 8.1.22 per the release notes

Ok thanks,

I will be updating Ignition to 8.1.22 on Friday.

Do you know if it is possible to use the convert tool both ways? IE can you take pipes back to the traditional format after converting them.

I don't think you can go back. But, I don't know for certain.

I'd recommend saving as a different view before converting.

Tough! I was hoping it would work both ways. Thanks!