Convert SVG path to Coordinate XY location

Does anyone know how to convert an SVG path into a grouping of XY coordinates? I’m looking to animate an entity location along an SVG path based on an integer position using the view canvas in perspective. Looking up options online I see references to importing svgpathtools but that is for python specific applications and I don’t know how to access that within ignition.

Any help is appreciated.

I think that, from Perspective designer point you view, that doesn’t have much sense. I would put the svg on a separate view, then use that view inside the canvas.

I do have the svg in a separate view and have it in the view canvas along with the instances of other views I want to track relative to the path in the svg.

you mean like this?

d="M 10 10 H 90 V 90 H 10 L 10 10"
[M 10 10], [H 90], [V 90], [H 10], [L 10 10]

While thats not to hard if you only use straight lines M H V L Z… but if you start using curves i dont think there is an easy way without js (it has a function called “getPointAtLength” ) or some library which can translate it too. Unless you are really good at geometry xD

M and L are coordinates
H = only changes x, V = only changes y
Z = straight line to begin