Convert SVGs to Symbol Factory Objects?

Is there an easy way to convert SVGs images created in Inkscape from their XML to format to the JSON format used by Symbol Factory objects in perspective?

I am not sure, but why would you need to do that?

Hopefully someone else can answer.

If you drag and drop the SVG file onto the view, you will be presented with a dialog, where you can choose to save and link the file into the image management or embed the SVG into the view itself.

If you choose to embed the image, it will convert it for you.

For views with many SVG’s or very complex SVG, using the image manager is the recommended approach. Supposedly this helps with performance. In my experience I haven’t had any noticeable performance issues, but I also haven’t had views with numerous embedded SVG’s or very complex SVG’s. YMMV.

It makes working with the SVG elements inside of ignition much easier imo.

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@lrose From what I have read on the forums it can be troublesome. Generally I’ve heard it being issues on screens with a lot of piping imagery.

Very simplified and not 100% correct but

The more elements on a screen the slower the webpage gets.
Every line, pipe, square or whatever you draw in svg counts as an element.
Images while they will require some extra download time to be able to see them, do otherwise not really slow down a webpage.
Embedding lots of things no matter what will slow things down too.

If you want to show a big overview of a factory with lots of piping and machinery images, its faster to do in an image. Ofcourse that will limit your control of user interaction (example if you want a popup to appear when they click machine X). So for best performance you will ahve to seek a balance for what is just visual and what requires interaction. (you could also put invisible but clickable squires above an image)
It all depends how dynamic it has to be.


I wrote a whole script to parse SVGs and convert them to the JSON format :grin:. I wish I would have checked this sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time!

Also thank you! this will help a ton in the future!