Convert tag format string to moment.js/numeral.js format for perspective components

Is there any way to convert tag formatString based on java Format to moment.js format used by perspective components ?

Especially datetime and decimal number format

Hi mazeyrat,

Exactly where in Perspective are you trying to achieve this, an example would help?

You may be able to achieve this using scripting, perhaps using - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation
or other functions to extract from the datetime and do conversions.

I came across this:


Thanks a lot @JordanCClark :+1:

Perfect to convert formatString from a datetime tag to the format of a perspective dateTime input or dateTime picker components.

I'm looking for something to convert formatString from a Float tag to the format of a perspective Numeric Entry Field component.
Seems to be based on numeraljs according the manual: