Convert Tag Type in Version 8.0

Quick question - Is there a way in Version 8 to convert an existing tag type? I see a way to do this in version 7.9 documentation but the option is not visible in the version 8.0 designer we’re using.

I’d like to change a tag from OPC to expression. The most important thing for me is to not lose historical data already tied to this tag - if I just open a new tag and rename I’m afraid I’ll lose easy access to this data. Can anyone provide any suggestions about how to proceed here? Thanks!

To change the type of tag you change the Value Source property of the tag.
I cant answer how it affects history data. My suggestion is to create a dummy-tag and test.

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Thank you! For what it’s worth it DOES look like historical information is preserved when changing tag type, so transitioning the tag was very easy!