Converting Audit Log Values into JSON

I don’t suppose there’s a simple IA library function that converts values stored in the audit log into JSON? e.g. tag edit values.

TagEdit[path=[default]Testing/derived, removed=false, new=false, config=[{valueSource=derived, dataType=Int8, alarms={Alarm=Alarm}, name=derived, deadband=0.01, tagType=AtomicTag, engUnit=%}, boundProps=null], children=0]

{'path': '[default]Testing/derived',
 'removed': False:
 'config': {'valueSource': 'derived',...., 'boundProps': None},

I want to build a tool to better show changes in the system and getting this into JSON format is the first step…

Once they go into the audit log, they’ve already been (lossily) converted to a string. For our code, we just deal with the raw Java objects directly. You’d have to parse this (liable to change) string format yourself, unfortunately…

Thanks Paul. I’ve always wanted to look at making a parser so I guess this is a good time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can I suggest changing it to json? :slight_smile: