Converting Excel (.xlsx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) files to PDF

After browsing the internet and forums for a while, I have gotten stuck.

I need to be able to convert both PowerPoint files and Excel files to PDFs, preferably using Ignition modules or the Apache POI that is already bundled with Ignition. However, I am open to any suggestions, including those that use third party libraries.
The format/editability of the final report or pdf doesn't matter (too much) as long as all the information is gotten across (including pictures).

Right now, using the linked post, I am able to generate a report using data stripped from an Excel sheet, but I'm having trouble getting the images.
As for the PowerPoints, I am completely at a loss.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Have you considered using LibreOffice's command line --convert-to pdf operation (as an external executable)? If you need to actually modify the files before conversion, use the Apache POI library first.


Thank you, that's a good suggestion.
It's true that LibreOffice does exactly what we need.
We were actually trying to see if there was a replacement for LibreOffice, but we've come up empty for one.
We may just end up keeping LibreOffice for now.


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