Converting from an HMI system to Ignition HMI system


I’m astonished of what Ignition is offering and it is a highly tempting option when establishing a new SCADA system.

So, wondering if there is a possibility to integrate a tool that can convert from a different HMI system to Ignition HMI system. Like if can import XML files that contain graphical objects and process them in Java to create HMI windows.

I really hope that it is possible to do that. :smiley:

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We currently don’t have any such tool, but have had many requests for one.

We’re waiting until we get our 2D drawing feature which will allow import tools to have a much better chance of automatically importing screens from other systems.

I had some graphical objects of vessels in wonderware that I wanted to try and import in. what I did was deleted all of the indicators and such and just left the graphical object on the screen. I highlighted the whole object and copied it, then I pasted it into microsoft paint. it gave me an error but it did copy the object into paint. from there I just saved it as a jpeg and then imported it into ignition. the trickiest part was matching up the background color from around the tank, I used the rgb tool because my color wasnt included in the palette. I guess that is one downside to doing this, it limits you to the background color that was being used in wonderware. Im sure someone could use photoshop to cut the object out also, but I am fine with the background color.

Have you tried using the Color Swap Filter attribute on the image component? If you enable the color swap filter, set the background color’s RGB value in the “Swap From” property, and set the alpha (the 4th value of the color) on the “Swap To” property to 0, it will make that color transparent on the image component.

This will probably only work well if the background color is a solid (no shadows, 3d effects, textures, etc). Some other image editing tools allow you to make certain colors transparent, and even have a % of tolerance to allow in case of slight variations of shading. I know Microsoft Photo Editor allows you to do this. It might be worth a shot at least if you want to have a different background color.


I belive this feature needs to be reconsidered.
It would really help on migrations.
Doing the displays takes a lot of time.
If only the graphical portion of the screen could be imported, placing the data in the layout is still time consuming.
One of the obstacles is that most SCADA manufactures have their own flavor for the type of graphics they use.
Would be a real impresive feature.