Converting Main Windows to Templates (Ignition 8) (FROM Ignition EAM to Remote Ignition Gateways)

I converted Ignition 7.9.5 project to Ignition 8.

There are some windows that are used as Popup Window and I want to move it under Shared Templates. This is when I noticed that I can’t just simply move the windows under shared templates folder because the windows that I am moving in are not template type. Is there a way to convert windows into template types.

I also noticed the major difference between Shared templates folder and other folders (ie: Windows) that any modification made to a template can be updated to remote Ignition Gateways by running Agent task. However, only “new” windows can be pushed out to other remote Ignition gateways by running agent tasks. Any modifications made to these windows do not get updated even if I run the Agent task (Send project resources)

Please advice