Converting reports

I have upgraded from 7.7 to 8. I am trying to convert our forms for reporting. I doing so I found that I cannot access client tags that are required for the query when a client is opened up and request a report. So how do I pass this information to the new reporting system?


You can use report parameters to pass in client tag data into a report which can then be used in another datasource like a SQL query.

That is what I thought, but when I assign a value to the parameter in the report viewer, ti does not get passed to the report generator. When I look at the preview of the report, it shows null. Do I need to have an expression for the parameter to be accessible in the report?

The preview on the reporting workspace will always show the default given when configuring the parameter. If you actually run the report on a client while passing in the client tag value, it should override the default.

This is most easily seen if you place a report viewer component on a window and set it to view the report, then binding the parameter to a client tag.