Converting template bound internal property to a parameter

In a template I had defined an internal property, PTime.

PTime was bound to an SQL query. The SQL Query also referenced one internal string property, PTimeDBColName, as a Select clause and a string parameter PartName as a where clause.

[color=#0080BF]Select {myTemplate.PTimeDBColName} From myTable Where PartName = ‘{myTemplate.PartName}’[/color]

The internal property PTimeDBColName was bound to an expression [color=#0080BF]“PTime” + {myTemplate.Num}” [/color] to generate the DB column name for the select clause.

Ultimately this method wasn’t going to work out for how I needed to use the template and I had to modify the template parameters and change PTime from an internal property to a parameter.

In the customizer, I deleted the internal property PTime and created a parameter of the same name and type. I didn’t delete the PTimeDBColName internal property

When I clicked OK the change was made, however, now in the template properties pane it showed that the parameter had a binding with the link icon next to the parameter name. Parameters normally do not have a binding in a template until an instance is created on a display window. Since there is no binding button for parameters in the template design tool I couldn’t remove the binding.

To remove it I had to open the template properties customizer, delete the PTime parameter, click OK, then re-open the customizer and add the parameter back in.

There were several items that I converted from internal properties to parameters and they all showed a binding in the template parameters list.