Converting vision window to perspective page

Hi guys

I’d like to know when I create a project in vision regarding the converting pages to perspective module what items should I redesign?
I want to estimate the time that I need to spend for perspective pages design.
I’m glad if someone fill the table below for me.

items compatible

component No (all html5 component should use instead)
python script in client side ???
svg and drawing graphic Yes
Alarm pipeline configuration
Query Tag


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Any info or news?


Yes, as you noted, the visualization system in Perspective is completely different, and existing windows, screens, templates, etc will not be usable in Perspective.

Python Scripts

Perspective does have a Python scripting backend, and all the system functions (that make sense) will work in Perspective as they currently do in the gateway/on the client. Some concepts do not directly apply, so there are some caveats here, but generally a script you wrote in Vision should either directly work or be easily adaptable to Vision. The except is scripts that did a lot of Vision-specific things (ie, navigation doesn’t work the same way in Perspective).

SVG support

Yes, Perspective has support for SVGs (in fact, probably better support than Vision). Expanding the “primitive” drawing support is also on the roadmap.

Alarm pipeline configuration

Alarm pipelines will work exactly as they did in 7.9 - nothing has changed.

Query Tag

Tags have been significantly restructured, but we’ve gone to great lengths to keep things from 7.9 working as smoothly as possible. Query tags should not be significantly affected by the changes in 8.0.


To go with query tags - UDTs should generally upgrade smoothly, and some things will get a lot more powerful/easier to do in 8.0.

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Thanks for your answer.
I have some other concern regards perspective.

Does perspective has template concept. I mean I get that vision template doesn’t work in perspective but if I want to create template from scratch in perspective is it possible?

Does perspective has a reporting component? Should I redesign my report?

Is multitouch jesture supported in both perspective and vision in version 8? For example two finger rotation, sweap left, …

Is it possible to use java script in perspective? There so many really made component in net which are html5 css3 just.

What will happen to mobile module?