Cool digital signage wireless

I am not certain exactly how this could work with Ignition. I ran across it while watching a solar tracker running itself on an arduino board on YouTube… while actually writing a final term paper for college.
I simply wanted to quickly post this. Something to take a look at…

The link that C2Go provides doesn’t work. The latest catalog for Digital Signage is here.

What do you think about this? Are you already using this or something similar?
Now that you have the Raspberry Pi working, will you use it like these products?

Really, they’re (for the most part) video extenders. This would give you the option of having all your PCs in one spot, but that would be the only benefit, in my opinion. If you’re putting it on the existing wired network and you’re going to consume an IP anyway, you may as well use a small PC for it.

Would I use an RPi? If I were to use it for a (very) simple Ignition client, I’d be up to a maybe. For more complex displays, I’d use something like a Foxconn book-size barebones, build a Linux system out of it for under $250 and run with that.

Here’s another alternative to the Raspi (a lot more expensive at $140 each though.)

Dang it, Al! Now you got me slobbering all over… :laughing:

Seriously, though, the 1GB RAM and ARM 7 processor would tip things toward this one over the RasPi

But can it run Minecraft? That all my kids care about :smiley: