Coordinate container contents shrinking toward centre

I have a coordinate container containing a P&ID mimic in it, with a percentage aspect ratio keeping everything together. I then have this view embedded on a column container that is mounted to my session page.

When my browser window shrinks horizontally, forcing the mimic to rescale based on the aspect ratio, it rescales the P&ID towards the middle of the container (on the vertical axis), which ends up leaving a large empty space between the top of the visible P&ID pipes and the top of the browser window, forcing the user to scroll down to view the resized content.

Is there a way to force the contents of the coordinate container to rescale while justifying contents to the top of the coordinate container?

This will push it to the top, though you should probably configure the height so it to just never goes offscreen

}.psc-YourStyleClass .no-zone {flex: unset !important;}{