Coordinated System Rockwell // Allen BRadley

Good morning,

I am designing a robot similar to “Schubert F2”. I have already solved the inverse kinematic, trajectory, speed and stuff, but to design the controller, I have been recommended the use of the Rockwell // Allen Bradley PLC, because it has integrated the coordinate system (the “Schubert F2” robot is similar to the “Articulated Dependent Coordinate System”).

My doubt is: I am setting RSLogix, configuring the PLC, SERCO and Kinetix, as well a the two controlled axes. I have also created the articulated dependent coordinate system, with its geometry and axis associated. However, I can’t find anything about how to set the trajectory profile of the end effector or, failing that, the profile of the servo angles.

I would like to know if someone has worked with something similar or knows where to find a tutorial or example solved. Thanks