Copia Automation

Does anyone here have any experience using Copia Automation’s version control system for PLC programs?

We’ve just started a 2 week trial and so far I’ve been impressed with the product. Their ability to visualize ladder logic and highlight changes between commits is really nice. I can already tell that being able to view the ladder logic in the web browser will be useful for quick code checks, collaboration, etc. This seems like a perfect match up with Perspective with being able to load the PLC program for troubleshooting and see what has changed in recent days, etc (no cost for read only access). They have web hooks as well that I’d imagine could allow for some cool configurations within Ignition (notifications of upcoming code changes, PLC code changelogs, etc).

Anyways, I just wanted to see if anyone else has more extensive experience with this product and also get the word out for others who may not have heard about it yet! Now, one day, I’ll put in the effort to get Ignition into a VCS…