Copy and paste is not working in the Designer

After working with designer about 1 to 2 hours the copy and paste of objects or views in perspective doesn’t work untill I close the designer and open it again.
For example after I copy something the paste option in content menu is disable.

I saw this bug from 8.1.4 and still in 8.1.7 we have it.
This bug some how repeatable and you only have toto work with designer for about 1 hour to see this happen.

yeah… copy less at a time i the only thing that helps

i dont think the hours matter, just the quantity

Anything in the logs, Nader?

No nothing related. May also quantity of work is matter here too.
It is hard to tell what cause this.

Okay. Is it something that happens on a particular view? Any more information that you can provide to help us replicate the issue would be appreciated. Thanks.

This will happen in any view, that user does a lot of engineering like deep select by double-clicking, cut and paste, writing script, … and leave the designer open for a long time.
I believe the only way to see this bug is to work and think with the designer as an integrator and not the developer.
The integrator may do the repeated task over and over for a long period of time. You have to assign someone for that.

Ive had this when i copied a whole bunch of labels and text fields.
I had to restart the desinger and move them in two times instead of all at once.

It might have been into a different container.

I also see the play + icon doesn’t appear for array properties when you hover mouse over property name.