Copy Gateway Performance tags to PLC every second

Hi IA. What is the best way to copy “disk utilization” or other Gateway Performance tags to OPC tags? The only way I know of is with global [shared] script and “system.tag.write()”, somehow calling the script every second.
I am using 7.9.5
a 64 bit system
jre 1.8.0_161

First post here so keen to be corrected by someone else if I’m off the mark, but I was looking at this yesterday. I’d imagine the "Gateway Event Scripts’ under the project scope, under a timer section would be a good way of making this happen


Why do you need to copy them to OPC tags? If you’re trying to alarm or save history off them, you can do that right from the system tags.

Thanks cmason. That’s what I ended up doing, and it works well.

Kathy, you’re right that we could alarm right from the system tags, but we are managing all faults in the PLC for convenience (vision faults, servo faults, robot faults, and a few hmi faults). Thanks!

Expression tags can do this aswell with “Write value back to OPC item” enabled. The timer would be managed using a scanclass then.

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