Copy & Paste in UDT

Now I’m sure I’m being dumb, but is there a way to copy and paste tags within a UDT :scratch: .
I have a number of folders each representing a device within a UDT. Each folder contains a number of tags. There appears to be no option that I can see, to copy tags and paste them from 1 folder to another. The export and modify in Exel option does not seem to work and if I have to type them long hand this could take quite a while.
Is there a quicker way to do it?

Many Thanks

This is currently not a feature supported in the Tag editor, but is on list of future features to be added (no eta at this time). Another way you could achieve your goal would be to create a Generic Parent UDT with the tags needed in each machine. Then just create child instance of that UDT for each machine.

+1 for this feature :thumb_right: